After Hallifornia Varberg is packed with storyspots

Varberg was filled with many exciting audio stories about different locations around the resort, narrated by more or less famous local profiles, during the Hallifornia festival.

During the Hallifornia festival this weekend, Storyspot participated, invited as part of the festival's initiative on startups - Silicon Halli. During the festival, visitors were able to record storyspots in place, thanks to collaboration with the portable audio studio equipment IsoVox, we were able to create a good audio environment during the recordings and shut out music and other audio from the festival.

Around the corner of Varberg, signs were also placed on the physical places to pay attention to visitors and residents that if this place is just a big spot to listen.

Many new storyspots were created in conjunction with the Hallifornia Festival. Among other things, Lovisa Jacobsson tells about Bödeboa and Farmers Market, influential Kristin "Krickelin" Lagerqvist about the nude bath "Damernas" and the background to the FGL Store as she is one of the founders, the guide Peter Börjesson on the story of Stora torget and Södra villastaden, Magnus Thomson on Fifth the bay on Getterön and an amazing viewpoint where he freed his wife, Greenpeace volunteer Anna Frisk om verden under jorden og mange, mange flere blandede stoffer og personer.

- Storyspot's project at Hallifornia in Varberg has produced a wonderful result. It's just this mix of history, culture, personal stories and entrepreneurship we want to show up. It's the breadth of stories and the voices of different people that give life to places around us, "said Lisa Evertsson Norrevik, CEO and founder of Storyspot.

During the festival, the company also joined many new contacts that will be developed into exciting projects throughout the country during the fall, interviewed at the Silicon Halli scene and in a report in Hallands Nyheter.

Read more about Hallifornia here. Listen to all audio stories from Varberg in the Storyspot app here!