Storyspot kickstarts new Influencer Project

Influencers from Uddevalla, Gothenburg and Stockholm were invited to test the Storyspot App. We encouraged them to record audio stories and link tem to places. With Storyspot App we let the users themselves create audio guides to their world.

During the summer, Storyspot started a project to get more creative influencers to start using Storyspot. With this project, we wanted more people to discover the platform and start using Storyspot as part of their communication and communication offerings.

"We selected exciting profiles from different parts of the country that we think deliver a personal content," says Lisa Evertsson Norrevik, Storyspot's founder.

The influencers were coached in how they could use Storyspot in their communications and record stories that they tagged on the App's user-friendly map, and the listeners have since been able to access them via the phone. There were storyspots both about local favorite places and exciting adventures from trips around the world.

Three of our chosen influencers who became active storyspotters were Linda Olsson Asp and Tina Axelsson from Uddevalla and Isabelle Wallin - The Swedish Traveler- from Gothenburg and Stockholm, and we have also chosen to highlight them through interviews on our website.

They have recorded stories about, among other things: Sweden Rock, the sunset at Skinnarviksberget in Stockholm, the Vienna Beer Festival in Vienna, the Hallifornia Festival, Chocolate Dumpings in Beijing and Bokenäset a few miles outside Uddevalla. Listen to all audio stories in Storyspot.

Read the interviews here:

This is just the beginning of Storyspot's work with our content creators. We have many exciting projects going on in 2019. Be sure to follow us in our social media to keep you updated!