Storyspot for Android release

Finally we can release a version of Storyspot for Android. Android users will also be the first to use the new feature to record and share storyspots directly in the app.

We are so proud to finally be able to present Storyspot to Android and Google Play! And as a bonus for the Android users they will be the first to be able to record and upload storyspots directly in the app. The new feature means that you can log in to the app via email, facebook or google account as a user. As logged in, you can click on the plus in the map view and then record your audio story or podcasts, add image, title & text, and which address or GPS coordinates you want to link your story to, then just publish it directly to the app.

Android users can download Storyspot here.

Download Storyspot, upload your stories and listen to others. Also share the link and spread the word to other Android users so we can fill the whole world with storyspots.

Now it's up to you to tell the story of our world!