Storyspot featured in Unionen news site

Storyspot founder Lisa Evertsson Norrevik was featured in a large interview on the news site Unionen may 2017. She talks about how her startup came to life during parental leave, how to find safety in your self and why "Beliebers" has a special relation to a gravel pit in the suburbs of Stockholm.

Read the whole article here.

Lisa's advice for those who want to start their own businesses
(But you're uncertain if you dare):

1. Find the security you need in yourself. Think about what kind of security is important for you and what security it is you are leaving. Is it really so safe to be employed?

2. Once you've found people you look up to and has made a similar journey to what you are standing in front of - ask what they would have done in one or the other situation. Do not ask your mom or a friend who is somewhere else. "Every time I've made a bad decision, I've followed advice from people who are not driven by the same goals that I have" says Lisa Evertsson Norrevik.

3. If the company costs more than it gives (as a it often does the first years) - think of it as a student loan. See your business as a study! You will never learn as much as when you start your own business. It's a cheap loan for that knowledge!

4. Ask yourself: What's the worst thing that can happen? How can you handle it? Then just do it!