Sandviken poetry walk success story

Stig Sjödin Sällskapet in Sandviken had difficulty meeting the tourists' demand for the poetry walk In Stig Sjödin's footsteps. This year for the poet's 100th anniversary they chose to create the walk as an audioguide in Storyspot. Now anyone can walk in Stig Sjödin's footsteps when it suits them.

Difficult to meet tourists' demand for poetry walk

Stig Sjödin is Sandviken's great poet. Inspired by his 10 years at the Ironworks he has depicting the lives of the workers in the town in several books. For many years, the author Bernt-Olov Andersson has guided tourists in Stig Sjödin's footsteps around Sandviken on behalf of Stig Sjödin Sällskapet. There are usually two or three physical walks per year, but the requests from tourists has increased in recent years, and Bernt-Olov Andersson has neither the energy nor the opportunity to meet the demand and make more walks.

Audio Guide in Storyspot became the solution

With the 100th anniversary of Stig Sjödin in 2017, it was particularly important for Stig Sjödin Sällskapet and Sandviken Municipality to offer more visitors the opportunity to follow Stig Sjödin's footsteps and greater flexibility for when to do so. Therefore, they let Bernt-Olov Andersson record the entire poetry walk in a studio, and then uploaded the audio guide in Storyspot. Now every visitor, at any time, can walk the poetry guide in Stig Sjödin's footsteps.

- It's very successful! says Åsa Morberg, chairman of the Stig Sjödin Sällskapet. Perhaps Bernt-Olov Andersson thought it was a bit uncomfortable to record in a studio, he is used to having audiences, but the recordings were really good, she continues.

Created more attention to the walk

In order that no one should miss out on the soundtrack, the company, the municipality and the library have printed posters and flyers, and sent a press release that led to a large report in the Arbetarbladet.
"I have also written about Stig Sjödin, Storyspot and the soundtrack in the latest issue of the literary magazine Parnass, and we will tell you about the app at the book fair this fall," says Åsa Morberg.

If you want to know more about Stig Sjödin and participate in the celebration, besides listening to Storyspot's walk, you will definitely come to Sandviken on October 7th. Then the day begins with a physical walk together with Bernt-Olov Andersson and continues with festivals and prize giving of the Stig Sjödin prize in the evening. See you maybe there?