Record your storyspots in the App

Now we have made it possible to record your storyspots directly in the app. An easy way to give life to your surroundings!

From now on you can not only listen to storyspots in your smart phone but also record them. Perfect for all the storyspotters traveling, hanging in the hammock or on the beach.

How? Log in to your Storyspot account via facebook, google or your email. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one in the app or on our website. When you're signed in, you'll see a plus sign in the right-hand corner that leads you to the recording feature and let you just start recording. When you're satisfied with your recording, just add a picture, text, and the address or GPS coordinates for your storyspot. And post it to appear on the map. If you are unsure or want to edit the text, image or anything else in the details you can always do it on our website.