My Profile - new function in Storyspot

During the summer, there have been several new updates to the Storyspot app, including the requested opportunity to have a "My Profile" page.

We at Storyspot listen to your users, and one of the most requested features has been that you as a storyspotter should have your own profile page where you can present who you are a little better. This is regardless of whether you are an individual, organization or company. It's great for listeners and creators that you can find out more about who is the author / organization of different storyspots, while listening to more of the storyspotters you like.

When editing your profile page today, you can write a short presentation, have a picture, link to a website and an email address in their presentation. At this time, Edit Profile is only available in the app, but it will be available to the web in the fall.

We will also add the "Follow storyspotter" feature during the year so that you will be able to get notifications when your favorite storyspotter shares up new stories.

For us in the Storyspot team to be able tocontinue to develop the service you as our user request we need your feedback. If you have any tips or ideas, please feel free to contact us at mail: . Thanks!