Meet Storyspot at Cebit — World’s largest IT-fair

During the summer a lot of fun is happening at Storyspot. Among other things, we will exhibit at Cebit, the world's largest IT fair, where we have been invited as the winner of the Future Marketing Tech Award 2018.

June 11th - 15th, we at Storyspot will show at Cebit, in the Startup Council, Scale 11. We are very proud and excited so please come and meet us if you are at the fair! CEBIT, Europe's Business Festival for Innovation and Digitalization, is the world's largest IT-fair organized annually in Hanover since 1986. We are invited to the fair as the winner of the Future Marketing Tech Award 2018.

Other places to meet Storyspot this summer

1-8 July: Almedal Week
At the beginning of July, like many others, we go to the Almedal Week in Gotland, look out for us there, or make sure to book a meeting to learn more about us and how we can work with your organization / company.

19-21 July: Hallifornia
At the Hallifornia festival in Varberg we will come to Storyspot to arrange really cool stuff for all visitors. Keep out - more info comes when it's approaching!

Do you go out for a train trip in Sweden this summer? Take the Inland Railway and listen to storyspots about all the places you cross during the road! The audio guides are available in both Swedish, English and German - so recommend your foreign visitors to download the app as well.