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I have chosen to use Storyspot in my project because it is a democratic tool where anyone can give a place a virtual sign and tell its story. The more stories a place holds, the more interesting becomes!

Desirée Kjellberg Sveriges Fängelsemuseum

Storyspot makes it easy for people to tell stories about their favourite places. Personal experiences are the best we can offer to attract visitors to Sweden.

Anna Hag Visita

We want to highlight Södertälje's history in a different way. There is so much to see for both citizens and tourists. If you know the citys history ten you´ll understand why it looks like it does today.

Aljoša Lagumdžija Södertäljebyrån

The Cultural Heritage makes us live on. Storyspot makes young people entusiastic about it through social media.

Thomas Björklund Turismutvecklare